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Community Engagement at ACTRI


Population Science

ACTRI's Population Science unit fosters and supports community-academic partnerships and improves collaboration with stakeholders across our campus and community-based agencies and clinics. CE also provides capacity to increase community involvement in ACTRI activities and related research. Key activity includes: administering the Community Advisory Board; fostering partnerships with health agencies and clinical partners; providing the infrastructure, resources, and training to guide, inform and support socially relevant and culturally responsive community engaged research; and community education (e.g., health-related news, community-based research opportunities, online videos, social media).



Population Science and Community Engagement Teams at ACTRI

ACTRI's Population Science Unit is comprised of 5 teams, whose work spans across multiple areas related to community-based research, community engagement, and establishing and cultivate community partnership.


Community Research Partnerships (CRP)

CRP builds and supports partnerships with health systems, universities, and public sector agencies in order to promote collaborative research with ACTRI. [Learn more]



Center for Community Health (CCH)

CCH improves community health outcomes and contributes to the elimination of health inequities. Our public health practice is interdisciplinary and cultivates meaningful and authentic relationships with communities. Our applied research uses a community asset-based framework to develop and refine impactful interventions across the spectrum of social and structural determinants of health. [Learn more]



Dissemination & Implementation Science Center (DISC)

DISC focuses on dissemination and implementation science across UC San Diego Health Sciences. Key activities include training, consultation, technical assistance, and mentoring to advance D&I science with a local, national, and global impact. [Learn more]



Population Research Scientific Methods (PRSM)

PRSM supports inclusion of vulnerable and special populations into clinical research, training and seminar series, and methods for transitioning care from childhood to adulthood. The Center provides consultation services to assure that research groups use best practices when designing and performing clinical studies. [Learn more]



Participant Recruitment Center (PRC)

The ACTRI Participant Recruitment Center has a variety of tools and services available to help you achieve your participant recruitment goals. From community engagement consultation to novel informatics platforms that consider participant preferences, these tools can be customized to help you reach your target population. [Learn more]

Partnerships with Community Organizations

ACTRI Community Advisory Board

CAB Goals and Objectives:

ACTRI's goal for the CAB is to foster relationships and strong partnerships among community members and health researchers, be involved in the full translational research process (e.g., identify research priorities, identify research questions, study design, study implementation, results interpretation, dissemination, sustainability) and
advise on community priorities for discovery.

Communication: Support communication between ACTRI researchers and the community by discussing and addressing community issues, health needs and concerns related to research, while working to increase awareness of ACTRI within the community.

  • Provide input and feedback to the Population Science units on community health and related needs and priorities

  • Meet regularly with Population Science and Executive Committee to discuss strategic plans, policy changes, resource allocation and unmet needs

  • Provide on-going input to research personnel how community members think and feel about health research

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between community-based organization and UCSD Health Science in general and CTRI programs

Partnerships: Foster relationships and partnerships with community members to build a sense of respect and trust, while working collaboratively with community partners.

  • Provide input on priorities and research issues in support of emerging health needs

  • Support Population Science activities, including workshops, webinars, trainings, events, etc.

  • Manages interactions with community partners and help to incorporate community ideas and priorities into ACTRI resource allocations and decisions

  • Develop a shared sense of trust by and between ACTRI and community members

  • Building partnerships with community agencies that are mutually beneficial

CAB Members play a key role in the success of translational research by promoting translational education and research projects and sharing information with their communities. They serve as a bi-directional link between the community and the ACTRI. They work to identify and advocate for the health issues and concerns of San Diego, Imperial Valley, and the regional communities, particularly those with diverse populations and populations typically at higher risk of poor health outcomes. Additionally, they are in the unique position to provide community perspectives on the entire translational process.

 If you would like more information on the ACTRI CAB, are interested in becoming a CAB member, or know someone who would be interested in becoming a CAB member reach out to us!

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Tips on Working with Faith-Based Organizations

A two-page informational flyer that discusses the role of faith-based organizations, their impact on their communities, and provides tips on engaging with congregation members.

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Improving Muslim Youth Participation in Physical Education and Physical Activity in San Diego County

San Diego County is home to a large and growing Muslim population. Its members are diverse, coming from a variety of racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, and include
immigrants, refugees, and native-born Americans.

This guide addresses one specific aspect of those inclusion efforts: improving and encouraging participation of Muslim youth in physical activity.

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¡ M Á S F R E S C O ! More Fresh Program Impact Report

Impact report for the Más Fresco More Fresh nutrition incentive program. This report summarized the social media campaign that was used to raise awareness about theprogram and enroll more CalFresh recipients in Southeast and Mid-City San Diego.

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Geospatial Health

Geospatial health enables spatial representation of data to support better public health planning and decision-making.

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