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ACTRI Evaluation

ACTRI's Planning, Evaluation & Tracking team supports the Institute's programs and leadership in efforts to develop goals, targets and relevant metrics of success, assesses progress toward those goals, and improves performance and management. ACTRI Evaluation unit uses an integrated "Balanced Scorecard-Monday" platform as a framework for program and institute planning.

The overall goals for Evaluation unit include:

  • Creating a more strategic organization which establishes greater alignment between program and institute-wide priorities and activities
  • Establishing a culture of transparency and accountability
  • Building a data and metrics-driven organization

The vision of the Evaluation team is to work hand in hand, and in partnership with other programs to support efforts to achieve success. We invite all programs across UCSD, UCSD Health Sciences, and UCSD Health to contact us to hear how we can support their needs.

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Evaluation Services

Evaluation Design for Grant Proposals

  • Developing Logic Models and Evaluation Plans for projects.
  • Specifying and refining the specific aims.
  • Providing letter of support for grant proposals as consultants, or co-investigators.
  • Help with reviewing and resolving proposal reviewer comments regarding evaluation of the project.

Evaluation for Ongoing Projects

  • Designing questions/surveys.
  • Provide consultation on evaluation content including what to evaluate and how.
  • Providing support for outcome assessments and process monitoring needs.
  • Help with reviewing and resolving IRB comments regarding evaluation of the study.
  • Evaluating both quantitative and qualitative data on Qualtrics and Redcap.

Publication and Dissemination

  • Evaluation of the projects based on existing data.
  • Preparation of executive summaries and reports.
  • Editing and preparing evaluation sections for abstracts and manuscripts for publications.
  • Responding to journal reviewers regarding evaluation of the study.

Evaluation Contacts

D.Bouland.image.jpgDaniel Bouland, MD, MS, FACP
Director of Evaluation at ACTRI
Health Sciences Clinical Professor of Medicine
Vice-Chair, Clinical Operations
Department of Medicine



M.Gholami.image.jpgMaryam Gholami, PhD, MSc
Senior Manager of Evaluation
Clinical Research Strategic Initiatives (CRSI)
Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI)
UC San Diego Health