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Center for Clinical Research (CCR)

CCR contains services that facilitate performing all aspects of clinical research. This includes the ACTRI Clinic, Research Coordinator & Language Translation Services, Regulatory Support, Project Management Services, IDS Pharmacy, MRI/Imaging, Research Ethics, and Data Safety Monitoring. [Learn more]

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  • The ACTRI Clinic

The ACTRI on-site clinic houses more than 20 rooms including for exams, consultations and overnight studies as well as a kitchen and specialized equipment. This fully staffed, dedicated research clinic has 18,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities to support all phases of clinical research. Presently, the clinic supports more than 200 pediatric and adult clinical trials. [Learn more]
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  • Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC)

The staffing needed for a clinical research project is determined by the kind of study being conducted. Although the project's budget must be kept in mind, adequate staffing is critical to the safety and success of the study. ACTRI provides Clinical Research Coordinators who can provide services on an hourly basis or can be assigned at a percent effort to an individual investigator for a specified period of time. [Learn more]

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  • Research Pharmacy

Pharmacy services play a pivotal role in the success of clinical trials involving experimental drugs, with the ACTRI pharmacist being a vital member of the research team.The Pharmacy team is tasked with procuring and storing drugs, maintaining comprehensive records related to their purchase, regulation, and dispensing, as well as compounding, labeling, and dispensing study drugs. They also ensure accountability, quality control, and compliance with federal, state, and institutional guidelines. [Learn more]

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  • Clinical Trial Support Services (CTSS)

The Clinical Trial Support Service (CTSS) team plays a crucial role in aiding investigators through high-quality services that facilitate the planning, execution, and completion of clinical trials and research studies. Their services extend to developing informed consent documents, coordinating with Ancillary Committees to address concerns like conflict of interest and biosafety, and facilitating collaborations with sponsors, Clinical Research Organizations, and ACTRI Research Coordinators, ensuring a streamlined and compliant research process. [Learn more]

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  • MRI Research Center

The MRI Research Center, nestled in the lower level of the ACTRI building at UC San Diego, boasts a cutting-edge 3T MRI scanner capable of high-resolution structural and dynamic imaging. This facility serves as a shared resource between the ACTRI Center for Clinical Research and the Radiology Department, under the operation of the Center for Translational Imaging for Precision Medicine (CTIPM). It supports a broad spectrum of studies, including those focused on Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease, and musculoskeletal disorders. Research participants are welcomed at the ACTRI clinic on the first floor before being escorted to the MRI Research Center, ensuring a streamlined process for conducting sophisticated imaging research. [Learn more]

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Data Science

  • Biomedical Informatics (BMI)

BMI supports software for managing clinical trials and observational studies, as well as tools to query clinical records. Services include Velos eResearch, DECS, VRD, REDCap, CDWR, ACT, and general IT support.  [Learn more]

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  • Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD)

Biostatistics provides statistical support at all research phases. Areas of interest include clinical trials, longitudinal data, survival analysis, observational studies, and high-dimensional data. Services include study design and proposal writing, statistical analysis, as well as publishing and communication. [Learn more]

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  • Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CCBB)

CCBB provides investigators with core bioinformatics expertise to analyze large molecular datasets, especially from next-generation sequencing. Special emphasis is on areas of genomics, systems biology and personalized medicine. [Learn more]

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Specialized Research Centers

  • Translational Research Technology Center (TRT)

TRT provides a one-stop shop of flexible laboratory-based services for translational studies to ACTRI members and external collaborators. Services include biorepository, sample acquisition, and laboratory (bio-analytical and assay development). [Learn more]

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  • Device Acceleration Center (DAC)

DAC serves as the ideation and testing hub of medical devices at UC San Diego by providing translational science training, identifying unmet clinical needs amenable to clinician-engineer collaboration, prototype testing, and commercialization. [Learn more]

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  • Center for Excellence in Translational Immunogenomics (CETI)

CETI provides training in translational genomics and facilitates the creation of multi-disciplinary translational immunology research teams with end-to-end support from participant ID to translational application by providing consultations, PM support, and coordination among relevant ACTRI units. [Learn more]

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  • Research Center for Optimal Digital Ethics (ReCODE) | Health

ReCODE Health supports technologists, researchers, ethicists, regulators, institutions and participants involved in the digital health research process. Our value proposition is to increase awareness of ethical principles and practices from the earliest stages of technology design to the deployment of digital health research. [Learn more]

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Population Science and Community Engagement

  • Community Research Partnerships (CRP)

CRP builds and supports partnerships with health systems, universities, and public sector agencies in order to promote collaborative research with ACTRI. [Learn more]

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  • Center for Community Health (CCH)

CCH improves community health outcomes and contributes to the elimination of health inequities. Our public health practice is interdisciplinary and cultivates meaningful and authentic relationships with communities. Our applied research uses a community asset-based framework to develop and refine impactful interventions across the spectrum of social and structural determinants of health. [Learn more]

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  • Dissemination & Implementation Science Center (DISC)

DISC focuses on dissemination and implementation science across UC San Diego Health Sciences. Key activities include training, consultation, technical assistance, and mentoring to advance D&I science with a local, national, and global impact. [Learn more]

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  • Population Research Scientific Methods (PRSM)

PRSM supports inclusion of vulnerable and special populations into clinical research, training and seminar series, and methods for transitioning care from childhood to adulthood. The Center provides consultation services to assure that research groups use best practices when designing and performing clinical studies. [Learn more]

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Participant Recruitment Center (PRC)

The ACTRI Participant Recruitment Center has a variety of tools and services available to help you achieve your participant recruitment goals. From community engagement consultation to novel informatics platforms that consider participant preferences, these tools can be customized to help you reach your target population. [Learn more]


Education & Training

The Education, Training, and Career Development Unit provides funding, training, seminars, and mentorship to researchers and students who want to advance health sciences. Programs include CREST/MAS, KL2, SUSTAIN, MedGap, and Translational Science Certificate. [Learn more]

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ACTRI's Planning, Evaluation & Tracking team supports the Institute's programs and leadership in efforts to develop goals, targets and relevant metrics of success, assesses progress toward those goals, and improves performance and management. [Learn more]

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Operations and Research Services (ORS)

Focusing on operational excellence at its core, ORS offers a wide range of consultative services, project management expertise, and business system support to all ACTRI centers, units, and partner institutions. This includes process improvement & workflow automation, data analytics & leadership reporting, as well as CTSA grant management & progress tracking. [Learn more]

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Funding Resources

ACTRI provides funding to investigators through pilot grants and voucher programs. [Learn more]