Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CCBB)

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Genomic Translational Research Consultation and Collaboration

Advances in high throughput genomics have revolutionized translational research, enabling effective use of clinical samples and clinical hypothesis testing. These approaches require very qualified technicians and analysts. Success depends on the upstream study design and downstream analysis, even though the actual data generation can be outsourced to an academic core facility or commercial entity. The Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CCBB) offers CTRI investigators both analysis of and consultation on their genomic data, using state-of-the-art methods.

The CCBB is also expert in epigenetics, the study of DNA modifications (e.g., methylation of DNA and histones) that can influence gene expression during both normal development and pathological states. CCBB faculty and staff can be consulted on methods for detecting these signatures throughout the epigenome.

Requests for these and other services offered by the CCBB must be submitted using the "Request CTRI Services" button above.

  • Study Design and Sample Selection

    Genomics experiments, especially those that involve human clinical samples, are subjected to high variability. In addition, high-throughput technologies may have specific bias that need to be considered in the design of experiments. For this reason, we will assist and advise on optimal study design based on the biological question and the nature and number of samples available. 
  • Choice of Method, Technology, and Provider

    NGS has become a single platform hub where many applications converge to read various types of molecular information. Depending on whether the researcher is interested in targeted resequencing, whole genome resequencing, RNA-Seq, or DNA methylation studies, the protocol and analyses will vary greatly. We will identify the best method, technology, and provider for a specific project, taking into consideration turnaround time, costs, and expertise.

  • Cost Estimation and Negotiation

    We will request quotes for data generation and prepare preliminary cost estimates for different design possibilities. If necessary, we will work with researchers to identify potential funding sources.

  • Project Execution and Management

    Genomic projects can have many different components, from sample preparation, QC, data generation, analysis, and reporting. We will ensure the communication between the different parties and keep track of interactions, generate summarized progress reports and work out alternatives.

  • Data Analysis

    Different skills are required to generate data and to analyze data. Data analysis is highly specific to a particular project and data type. Our team has more than three years experience analyzing NGS data from various sources (RNA, targeted, methylation). We will perform the analysis and identify when external collaborators are needed for projects that require complex approaches.

  • Scientific Report

    We will generate figures, tables, and write up to support collaborative manuscript preparation and grant applications.

Access and cost

The Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics is freely accessible to all members of the CTRI. During initial consultation, the CCBB will advise on cost of studies, but will not be responsible for negotiating prices with other facilities. Data analyses will be scheduled and executed based on data and personnel availability. The services provided by CCBB faculty are considered academic collaborations. Requests must be submitted through the "Request CTRI Services" button above.